Welcome to the official web home of The IC (or Taylor's Inner Circle).  The IC owns the most unreleased Taylor Swift songs and extremely rare album demos of any collector in the world and is the original resource for rare Taylor Swift songs.  Most rare Taylor songs in existence were first discovered by and shared with others by The IC.  However, that was in the early years of Taylor's career.  Nowadays, we never share rare Taylor songs and we do not trade them either.  Mainly because we have the largest collection in the world and nobody has anything equally valuable of Taylor's which they can offer in return.  So please do not e-mail us asking us to give them out.  The IC is now maintaining a current list of rare songs which are in our collection.  We are keeping this master list posted as a resource for collectors.  Songs marked in yellow are our most currently obtained rare songs.  We do not own songs marked in redA=acoustic worktape, S=studio, P=piano.  Links to additional sections of The IC can be accessed at the buttons on the header above.  -- Steve (IC Founder)

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Rare Taylor Swift demos can be really hard to find.  We have worked really hard since 2007 to build up a large network of friends and contacts who help us in our search for them.  We love all of our rare demos and feel they are our most prized and special possessions.  Every unreleased song is special in its own way.  It is our hope that we can add more rare demos to our collection, while at the same time safeguarding the ones we already have.  Taylor's rare demos are usually divided into two categories -- studio demos and acoustic (or worktape) demos.  Studio demos essentially sound like album tracks, while acoustic (or worktape) demos usually feature either Taylor and her acoustic guitar or Taylor and her piano.  For quite a few of our songs, we are fortunate to have both a studio demo and an acoustic (or worktape) demo, which allows for interesting comparisons.  And with the knowledge that Taylor wrote hundreds of songs prior to the release of her first album, we are on a search for unreleased songs that will never end.
A Little More Like You (Swift)
Acting Like a Boy (Swift / Rose) A
All Night Diner (Swift / Rose) A
American Boy
(Swift) A
(Swift) A
Anymore (Swift) A
Baby Blue (Swift)
Beautiful Day(s) (Swift)
Being With My Baby
(Swift / Beavers) S & A
Better Off (Swift / Orrall) S
Bother Me (Swift)
Boys and Love (Swift / Burke-Green)
Brand New World
(Swift) A
Brought Up That Way (Swift / Hyler) Sx2 & A
By the Way (Swift / Beavers / Ruttan) A
Can I Go With You (Swift / McElrath) S
Castles Crumbling (Swift)
Check Out This View
(Swift / Rose) A
Closest To a Cowboy (Swift / Vaughn) A
Cross My Heart (Swift) S
Dark Blue Tennessee (Swift / Orrall) Sx2
Diary of Me (Swift / Brophy / J. Vassar) S
Didn't They (Swift) A
Don't Hate Me For Loving You (Swift) A
Don't You (Swift / James) P
Down Came the Rain (Swift / Ruttan) S
Drama Queen (Swift / Johnson)
Fall Back On You
(Swift) A
Fire (Swift)
(Swift / Harrington / Pierce) A
Foolish One (Swift)
For You
(Swift) A
Gail's Song (Swift)
Go Slow (Swift)
Goodbye Butterfly (Swift) A
Gracie (Swift / Rose) A
Half-Way to Texas (Swift)
Heaven (Swift)
Her (Swift / Rose) A
His Lies (Swift)
Honey Baby
(Swift) S
Houston Rodeo (Swift)
I Bet You Think About Me (Swift / McKenna) A
I Can See You (Swift)
I Know What I Want
(Swift) S
I Used to Fly
(Swift) A
I Wished On a Plane (Swift / Laird) A
I'd Lie (Swift) S
I'm Looking Out For You (Swift)
In the Pouring Rain
(Swift) A
Just South of Knowing Why (Swift / Orrall) S
Kid in the Crowd (Swift)
Let's Go (Swift) S
Live For the Little Things
(Swift) A
Long Time Going (Swift / Warren Bros.) S
Look At You Like That (Swift / Rose) A
Love They Haven't Thought Of Yet (Swift) A
Love To Lose (Swift / Rose) A
Lucky You (Swift) Sx2
Made Up You (Swift / Rose) A
Making Up For Lost Love (Swift) S
Mandolin (Swift) A
Mary Jo (Swift)
(Swift / Rose) A
Me and Britney
(Swift / Vaughn) A
Mr. Perfectly Fine (Swift)
My Cure
(Swift) S & A
My Turn to Be Me (Swift) A
Nashville (Swift) S - new industry CD source
Need You Now (Swift / Orrall) S
Never Fade (Swift) A
Never Mind (Swift / Rose) Sx2 & A
None of the Above (Swift / Heeney)
One More Day (Swift)
One Thing
(Swift / Rose) S
One-Sided Goodbye (Swift)
Perfect Have I Loved
(Swift / Rose) A
Permanent Marker
(Swift / Hanson / Brophy) S
Point of View (Swift) A
Pretty Words (Swift / Carusoe) S
R-E-V-E-N-G-E (Swift / Bogard / Stover) S
Rain Song
(Swift / Rose / Maher) A
Ride On (Swift)
Same Girl
(Swift) A
Scream (Swift / Cantor / Marr)
Smokey Black Nights
(Swift) Sx2
Someone Just Told Me (Swift)
Someone Loves You (Swift)
Songs About You
(Swift / Buxton / Shaw) S
Spinning Around (Swift) A
Stupid Boy (Swift / Rose) A
Sugar (Swift) A
Sweet Tea & God's Graces (S / Rose / Maher) S & A
Tell Me (Swift / Rose) S & A
Ten Dollars and a Six-Pack (S / Rose / Maher) S & A
Tennessee (Swift) A
That's Life (Swift) A
That's When (Swift / Warren Bros.) A
Thinkin' Bout You (Swift / Rose / Chely Wright) P
Thirteen Blocks (Swift / Carusoe) S
This Here Guitar (Swift) A
This Is Really Happening (Swift / Sanders) S & A
This One's Different (Swift / Jenkins) A
Til Brad Pitt Comes Along (Swift / Lindsey / Mayo) A
Timeless (Swift)
Today (Swift)
Too Beautiful (Swift)
Under My Head
(Swift) A
Wait For Me (Swift) Sx2
We Were Happy ( Swift / Rose) S & P
Welcome Distraction (Swift / Warren Bros.) S
What Do You Say (Swift / Orrall / Petraglia) S
What to Wear (Swift) S
Who I've Always Been (Swift / Rose / Maher) S & A
Wonderful Things (Swift)
You (Swift)
You All Over Me
(Swift / Carusoe) S
You Do (Swift / Rose / Chapman) A
You Don't Have to Call (Swift) Sx2
You Walk Away (Swift)
Your Anything (Swift) A - not the common live version
Your Face (Swift) S
Your Picture (Swift)
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